With these trying times I am trying to navigate through difficult circumstances to the best of my ability. There are traditions and holidays I don’t want to forget but need to modify to be safe and healthy.

Chaharshanbe Suri is the festival of light and fire on the last Wednesday before Nowruz which is the Persian New Year.

Chaharshanbe means Wednesday in Farsi. We believe that the fire and light will bring in bright light and positive vibes in the new year. Due to the recent social distancing I went to visit my elderly Mother so that she wouldn’t be alone, and we placed a candle on her balcony floor and jumped over it to detract any negative energy from us both! We jumped over our “small fire” we chanted a saying that basically meant may the bad energy stay away from us.

We then carefully ate some dried nuts, baklava and dried nuts so that we have sweetness in the new year. We usually would jump over several small bonfires with a large group pf family and friends but this year because of the coronavirus we had to adjust and adhere to the health standards and social distancing.

I still wanted to partake in the Persian tradition and include my Mother but be careful. This pandemic has strengthened my belief that myt friends and family are my core not material objects. May we all be safe, healthy and have peace in this coming Nowruz!