Guest blogger, international traveler and marketing guru Kristin Zern is taking over the reins of my blog this week to write about her experience aboard the Queen Mary. She writes as follows:

We luckily stayed on the Queen Mary on a Saturday night, which meant that we could experience the incredible Sunday Brunch Buffet in the sensational Grand Salon with art deco bas-relief images on the burled wood, and majestic gold doors with intricate carvings. We knew we wanted to do this regardless of the cost so we didn’t ask how much it was as we were led to our table. After seeing the amazingly elaborate buffet with foods from every continent, a table with shrimp, fresh raw oysters, crab legs, salmon prepared several different ways from smoked to poached, another with fresh sushi, yet another with an omelet station, Mexican selections, Italian food and pasta, roast beef, turkey, ham, salads, vegetables raw and braised vegetables – well, we knew we were right not to question the cost.

Our waiter came to pour good champagne and orange juice for a Mimosa if so desired and returned to pour again whenever our glasses looked empty.

We went to the tables shamelessly at least three times to select different foods, blowing any hint of a diet on the first trip. We kept saying we don’t care how much this is and we tried to guess the cost. We were sure it was at least $100 per person.

Then we went to the dessert table and all was lost. We ravished the white chocolate and chocolate mouse cake, the flan (the best I’ve ever tasted) the Red Velvet cupcakes, a pistachio tarte, and to wash it down we loaded up on delicious and healthy fresh fruit and berries.

The check came and by this time we really didn’t care how much it was. (Three glasses of champagne can help with this.) But to our surprise this lavish buffet with continual champagne cost a mere $55 per person. Definitely a real bargain.

This is a venue used for special occasions by local families and friends. We heard the live harpist playing “Happy Birthday” several times. This was a memorable and incredible experience that their kids will never forget.

Even if you don’t stay at the Queen Mary Hotel, if you’re in the LA area on a Sunday, seriously consider enjoying this wonderful experience. In addition, you will be able to walk around the ship and learn more about the era and the fascinating history of this glorious lady, The Queen Mary.