Recently while on a business trip to Florida I forgot my eyebrow pencil. Not the end of the world but I don’t feel professional when my eyebrows don’t look polished and shaped.

I had no time to run to a drugstore or department store, so I just went to the store at the Hotel Spa. I was staying at the Turnberry Isle Miami so their spa called AME is beautiful and has great beauty products for sale in the spa entrance.

I picked up the only eyebrow pencil for sale from CHELLA and it was love at first use! The Chella eyebrow pencil has a fine tip and is a mechanical pencil with a fantastic small brush on the other end. The fine tip allows one to really define the eyebrow and get into the spaces that are a bit emptier. The consistency is creamy which allows a smooth application and smudging when needed.

CHELLA is a California based company but the eyebrow pencil is European designed. I love the freedom of use and precision I get from this eyebrow pencil because of the extra fine tip. There are so many beauty products out in the market that it is great to find a product that works and is well priced.