China opened to visitors on January 8, 2023, after being closed for three years during Covid. The opening marked a breakthrough for international travel and easing Covid travel restrictions. When they reopened China allowed family visits, student travel and business travel and eventually allowed tourist travel.

China had cancelled all visas issued before March 2020 and once they reopened, they eventually reinstated all visa types issued before March 2020. Our companies Travel Document Systems and Pinnacle Travel Documents were inundated with requests for visas. We had to sort through all the new requirements to figure out all the different visa categories. Complete information on all China visa processing categories can located at our China visa page.

Currently China visas can take 30–40 days to process based on the state the traveler resides in the US. The Chinese visas are processed in accordance with an appointment system. This appointment system is new after Covid to meet the demand for Chinese visas. This ensures that the visa sections can meet demand in an organized manner.

Travel Document System is doing our best to facilitate Chinese visa processing considering the huge demand after the three-year closure. International travel is so important for continued communication between countries and their citizens.