This month we are celebrating Easter, Passover, and Ramadan so Chocolate is on my mind. There is something so soothing about a good piece of chocolate melting in one’s mouth. For me when I am stressed, I allow myself fine chocolate.

My travels have allowed me to come across wonderful artisanal chocolate houses. One of my favorites is Mary in Brussels Belgium. Mary Delluc founded her chocolate house on Rue Royale in 1919 with her passion for chocolate and the artisanal tradition of making chocolate she created a glamourous tea house that was frequented by the aristocracy and royalty of the time.

Even today Mary’s is a jewel with their chocolate truffles, pralines and a host of hand made creations. The chocolate is so fine that you do not need much. The dark chocolate covered orange peels are my favorite a smooth and delicious. I am a fan of dark chocolate so he dark chocolate with pistachio is sublime.

The packaging for takeout chocolate is so elegant and beautifully presented. Every detail at Mary’s is perfection and attention to detail.