I am obsessed with chainmail as a fabric. It glides on the body, does not wrinkle and easy to pack. The pandemic has limited outings and celebrations but hopefully we can return to a semblance of normalcy soon.

I love to support independent female designers and London based Clio Peppiatt is just that type of designer. Her designs are feminine with beautiful artisanship that includes hand beading and hand embroidery.

The purple tinted chain mail dress adorned with crystals with a crystal embellished strap is stunning. The dress hugs all ones curves and is designed to make one feel comfortable while being a striking piece of clothing.

Clio Peppiatt comes from a family of female artists and artisans, so she designs clothes that last and are not disposable. Whether it be a chain mail dress, a beaded skirt or top her creations can be worn for various festive occasions.

Custom designs are available at her London atelier for those that want a special creation!