Codependent serving eclectic cocktails & coffee in downtown Austin Texas is housed in a fantastic, designed space with a stunning outdoor & indoor seating area designed by Urbanspace interiors. Codependent’s interior is designed with tall windows overlooking an expanse of trees. Even though you are sitting in downtown Austin you feel like you are transported to a lovely garden setting. The exterior is set up with comfortable couches, swinging chairs and foliage to give one that feeling of tranquility and calm while amid an urban area.

I was in Austin for business and had just finished grueling meetings when I decided to take a stroll after being indoors for several days. I noticed Codependent because of the design and outdoor garden lounge. I walked in to find a beautifully designed venue with great light, design, and views of nature. I decided to sit outside and savor an iced coffee and enjoy the view and weather. I went back the next day to have an earl grey tea and get out of my business hotel environment. There is an innovative list of cocktails, all sorts of coffee and teas and light snacks on the menu. The service is very friendly and ambiance casual and relaxing.

I love exploring and finding local venues like codependent that are different and off the beaten track. It makes the return of business travel less painful.