The Concept 2 SKIERG by Rogue is an amazing fitness machine. For me exercise is my medicine not only does it help me deal with work and family stresses it helps me combat maladies that come with age.

I get bored walking on a treadmill, so I find the SKIERG to be a dynamic piece of exercise equipment where I am using my own body weight and not just relying on a machine to do the work. The SKIERG stimulates the movement of cross-country skiing.

It targets the legs, arms, and core for a full body workout. I can adjust the resistance to make it as difficult as I am willing to work on a given day. I switch my exercise routine by working out on the concept 2 rower and the SKIERG in intervals. I will do 3-5 minutes on the rower at a high resistance, four sets of abdominal work and then the SKIERG for 2-3 minutes then I repeat.. This way I am working my whole body.

The switch allows me to stick with my exercise routine and combat my boredom because I have variety. I work out so that I can age gracefully and be healthy so I can maintain my life’s duties and oversee the stresses that are thrown my way.