This is a vey sizzling summer and we are experiencing extreme heat across the globe! I have used rose water for my facial toner for years. Instead of using a fancy store-bought cleanser that might have other ingredients I go for the authentic cortas rose water. I purchase mine from my local Middle Eastern grocery store. The cortas rose water is made from distilled Damascena roses. No preservatives used in the process, gluten free and vegan. I keep bottles chilled in my fridge and use a cotton ball soaked with the rose water to wipe my face before I apply my serums and creams.

It provides me with a refreshing experience and great for my skin health. I find it to have anti inflammatory benefits on my facial skin. Most importantly the smell of the roses is intoxicating. In the summer heat it is soothing but I use my rose water throughout the year to give me a fresh, moist and dewy complexion.