Cova the Italian café from Milan that has amazing coffee, delicious pastries and scrumptious pasta has opened a branch on Boulevard des Moulins in Monte Carlo.

When I walked in the smell of the coffee just exhilarated my senses. The pastry selection was so beautiful with chocolate cakes, fruit tarts and an assortment of croissant and sweet raisin rolls. I adore the miniature pastries because if you have one small chocolate or fruit tart you don’t feel bad!

There is outdoor seating with an indoor café section and restaurant. It is the perfect place for a morning coffee, an afternoon tea with an assortment of desserts and dining until 8:00pm.

When you walk in you can’t help but notice the coffee station where all he expressos, cappuccino’s and macchiato’s are made. I love the Italian tradition of just going to the coffee bar getting a hit of expresso and walking out. Their version of fast service is so refined and elegant.

Cova is a great addition to Boulevard des Moulins which is the local commercial street in Monte Carlo for shopping, dining and enjoying a stroll.