I adore the refined but sensual creations of Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs who are the design team behind the label Cushine & Ochs. Clothes created by woman for woman that understand the contour of a female’s body. You feel confident & empowered wearing their creations because the fit is modern but elegant.

Their dresses, pants, tops and jumpsuits offer a sexy alternative for what is available in the ready to wear market. Beautifully manufactured with attention to detail & a modern take on what women are craving to wear. The clean lines and lean silhouettes enhance one’s body.

When I wear one of their dresses I feel sophisticated and confident, appropriate for the office, a meeting or an after-hours event. Since I travel a great deal for business I need a clothing brand that works with my varied schedule and Cushnie & Ochs is a brand I feel comfortable wearing for almost any occasion. Not fussy or ornate just practical with a sexy bent.