Located on the outskirts of the Medina in Tunis is Dar El Jeld an artisanal restaurant that is a real gem. Behind an authentic yellow door is this amazing dining venue that captures the essence of Tunis with its architecture, design and ambience.

Dar El Jeld is housed in a traditional structure with multi levels, great tile work and wonderful food. The main dining room has tall ceilings and a second floor with ornate balconies and a private dining area.

The whole structure is mesmerizing and takes one to another time. It is exotic and romantic at the same time because once you go beyond the yellow door you realize the beauty that awaits you inside.

The service is attentive with great attention to detail. We had grilled local fish with vegetables and an assortment of traditional Tunisian pastries for dessert. Followed by the Tunisian tea with mint.

I feel dining at Dar El Jeld is an experience and a must for any traveler to Tunis to experience the culture, cuisine and architecture.