There are times when we hear travel advisories and are worried about traveling to an international destination.

I decided to travel to Tunisia with my family over the holiday break as it was just a short flight from Nice. They wanted to explore Tunis and I went along for a new experience.

Tunis has been a fantastic experience with its amazing culture, cuisine and the friendliest people.

Today we ventured to the beautiful city of Sidi Bou Said nestled on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean with white washed homes and stores with blue doors and bougainvillea dripping from the structures.

Nestled in the middle of Sidi Bou Said is the fantastic restaurant Dar Zarrouck. You go through the blue doors to enter a stunning courtyard with large trees, beautiful design and lounge type seating. Then there is the restaurant with breathtaking views of the sea.

The interior of the restaurant offers open space with windows overlooking the water. The menu is varied with local seafood, grilled meats, couscous and pasta with an amazing assortment of starters and desserts.

The service is amazing and Chef Mohamed Ali Hezzi creates the most amazing dishes with local ingredients. The food is so fresh and delicious.

The entire experience is memorable with the best food and ambience.  A perfect venue to capture the culinary and design experience of Tunis.