I adore the work of David Webb because it is “OVER THE TOP” jewelry designed by an American legend. David Webb designed jewels that were bold, modern, and candy like in their elegance & largeness.

This southern jeweler started his business in 1948 in a small studio in New York. All pieces were and are currently made in the US by skilled artisans. These pieces are truly works of art.

Webb’s use of Crystals with diamonds, turquoise & coral with gold and animal heads encrusted with stones made into rings, bracelets and necklaces are unique but with a very modern twist. His use of enamel is stunning and beautifully mixed with gold and diamonds.

I was fortunate to be invited to a David Webb event where I saw these creations first hand. Even today the pieces are being remade and a new generation can be witness to an amazing American made brand.

When asked about the jewels he created, Webb had the following to state:

“Jewels, though more personal than paintings, should be treated as great works of art.”