My guest blogger this week is my colleague Stephen Hopkins who runs our San Francisco office. Stephen is a foodie and an avid traveler. Whenever we travel for business together we first plan where we will be dining for dinner! Please find Stephen’s recommendation regarding the Oasis Grill in SFO:

As my parents have always told me, some of the best food you’ll ever find is from the proverbial hole in the wall eateries.

An example of this is a favorite lunch spot of mine called Oasis Grill located just around the corner from our Travel Document Systems office in the financial district of San Francisco.

The place has a small storefront but a large following as dictated by its regular lunch time crowd of hungry eaters craving fresh Mediterranean food.

They offer a full array of Mediterranean food, from Falafels and Shawarma’s to Kababs and Gyros. My personal favorite is the Chicken Shawarma, also available in Beef and Lamb, which consists of seasoned sliced shawarma chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, house garlic sauce and wrapped in a lavash. Amazingly delicious!!!

So, if you’re in the area, looking for a quick grab and go lunch, and want the best chicken shawarma in the city just find one of Oasis Grill’s downtown locations.

The line moves very fast and they offer fresh, healthy and delicious, seasonal food to the lunchtime masses that other eating places simply can’t duplicate. Oasis Grill proves that great food doesn’t’ have to be served at an upscale venue.