When I was little my parents were stationed in Moscow so we would travel to Vienna Austria for some of our vacations. 

It was on these vacations that I was introduced to the Demel pastry cafe and store.  

Founded in 1786 Demel is a landmark in Vienna, serving authentic Austrian Pastries, decadent hot chocolate and  Vienesse coffee. 

I adore apple strudel and the best I have had has been at Demel. They are famous for their sacher torte that they ship globally.  

The ambience is so charming and old world. Since so much of the globe feels the same it is comforting to step back in time at Demel. 

From the decor to the service I feel I am always  being treated so special. On a cold day it is magical to come to Demel to have a hot Chocolate with an Austrian pastry and just absorb the culture.  

I can’t wait for the time I can travel again and make a trip to Vienna which is one of my favorite cities in Europe. 

This will give me an opportunity to revisit Demel, savor their delicious pastries and recall all the fond memories I have had there throughout the years.