I  get asked a great deal what facial creams I use because I have good skin.  

I have good genetics because My Mother who is 86 has great skin, I eat healthy, don’t smoke and try to exercise as much as my schedule permits.  

Like so many of us I do deal with stress of work, family, business travel and just living in an urban setting.  

On a recent trip to France I was introduced to the French Laboratory SVR that has been formulated creams for mature skins that are also sensitive.

I met with a facial consultant at a local pharmacy that specialized in SVR products and she advised me to use the Densitium night cream.

The Densitium cream has hyaluronic acid and bio-calcium that helps fight signs of aging by improving density and restructuring the facial contours.

I find the cream gentle for my sensitive skin and I notice my skin being firmer and visible signs of wrinkles especially on the neck less noticeable.

The fact that the cream is affordable and can be bought in local pharmacies in France or online places a smile on my face.  

I don’t feel facial creams should cost a fortune to do the job!