I am spending lots of time working indoors these days.  

Scent to me is mood altering. Research has shown that certain scents can calm our system. In these trying  times I have candles and diffusers on all day long. I will take whatever I can to change the mood. Positivity is so needed right now. 

Scent provides me a great sense of relief because so much that occurs these days is out of our hands. 

I am obsessed with Diptyque’s electric wall diffuser a beautiful designed item that attaches to the wall outlet. I just turn it on and let the diffuser do it’s majic! 

I purchase the cartridges separately; they come in scents like rose, fig and berries. Diptyque uses portable technology to diffuse the scents.  

Once life resumes to some normalcy and I can travel again I can take my electronic diffuser with me to cleanse the air in any room! Until then I will use it at home.