DIVAN is a new Persian restaurant which has just opened in McLean Virginia serving homemade food. Delicious food prepared with love and in a fantastic welcoming casual ambience.

Located in an unassuming strip mall Divan surprise with its authentic cuisine. I adore a freshly prepared grilled  chicken saffron kabob with basmati rice and DIVAN does not disappoint.

Whether you order the chicken, beef, lamb or salmon kabob the dish will come with grilled tomatoes and herbs. The star is the saffron topped basmati rice which may be substituted with other favored rice.

There is an assortment of Persian stews which display the artistry of Persian cuisine, fish, and pasta. The appetizers and salads represent a broad range of Persian cuisine whether you select the chopped cucumber, tomato & onion salad (salad shirazi), the yogurt with shallot ( Most O Musir) or the grilled eggplant with the traditional spices (kashke Bademjan) you will not be disappointed.

The selection of desserts is mouthwatering. Whether you select the Persian ice cream with pistachios, saffron and rosewater, the saffron rice pudding (sholeh zard) or the frozen Persian dessert (faloodeh) you will get a great cultural experience.

I am obsessed with assisting small restaurants and our local community so we have a diversity of choice in our cuisine. .