Donna Lewis is a beautiful ladies clothing store tucked away in a charming court yard in old town Alexandria. Independently owned and operated by Donna & Chris Lewis who both have impeccable taste. Whether they are hosting an event at their store or home all aspects will always be flawless. Chris has a long history in high-end retail and Donna is a corporate attorney by trade.

The word “curated” has been used a great deal recently but Donna Lewis truly does have a curated selection of women’s clothes and accessories. All the clothing is hand selected by Donna & Chris Lewis which creates a great temptation when you walk into their boutique. The attention to detail and passionate customer service makes it more like visiting a friend’s home than a retail store. You can sip a fine wine, glass of champagne or an expresso while you pick your selections with Chris’s expert eye giving you honest feedback! The view onto the charming courtyard places one at ease, creating a serene environment.

The majority of the Italian brands such as KITON woman are exquisitely made of luxurious fabrics. Further, there are small and bespoke Italian brands represented with beautiful knits, cashmeres and skin bags. The items presented are special, unique and timeless.

I am obsessed with the knit skirts & dresses that Donna Lewis carries that fold easily for business travel but keep me looking chic and professional. Whether they are solids or prints the fit is fantastic as is the en trend style but still elegant. I am crazy for great fabrics & excellent quality and none of the items I have purchased have disappointed.

Donna Lewis is truly a treasure in this age of mass production. Further, to have Donna & Chris on site to give recommendations and to share how they picked each designer they carry is truly novel .