Before the corona virus pandemic my main concern was about keeping my family, work team and myself healthy. Since I used to travel a great deal and work long hours I was concerned about my immune system staying strong so I could handle my work and personal responsibilities.

I started reading about Dr. Mark Hyman and his approach to food and wellness.

Dr. Hyman believes that processed foods, hormones, additives, BHA/BHT and sugars cause inflammation which weaken our immune system. Reading his materials I have learned that I need to eat more colorful fruits, vegetables, adequate protein like fatty fish and lean chicken, nuts, garlic, hinger and onions.

Cooking my own meals is paramount especially now that I am working from home and making sure I get enough water, warm liquids, exercise, meditation and sleep.

In reference to supplements for immune function he recommends the following:

A broad spectrum multivitamin
Fish Oil (Arctic Cod Liver Oil)
Zinc Citrate
Natural anti-viral herbs
1-3, 1-6 Beta Glucans
Buffered Vitamin C

I am not a physician and you should check with your personal physician before starting any new program.

I have found Dr. Hyman’s recommendations to assit me with my health and wellness.

I personally feel whatever I can do in these trying times to improve my health and immune system is beneficial to my well being!