This week I would like to share a new exercise that I have been introduced to by Jay Morgan of Born to Be Fit that I find to be very effective. The dueling battling rope exercise though daunting for me at first improves your conditioning, increases your metabolic rate & improves your endurance & strength. We all need to shock our system with a different exercise to switch up our routine.

An exercise that was originally created for combat sports, martial arts and the military has made its way to the mainstream fitness arena because it is effective at burning calories, increasing your heart rate and getting one into shape without the use of machines just heavy rope. I have found great benefits to trying this new exercise that works my abs, shoulders, arms and legs simultaneously.

Jay has me on an interval circuit using the battling ropes, the TRX system, ball slams and back to the ropes. After five intervals I am ready for a break! For me the art of fitness is to mix up the exercises so it doesn’t seem redundant. If the battling rope exercise as it gets one moving quickly.