The tantalizing cuisine of Chef Martha Ortiz Chapa can be found at her signature restaurant Dulce Patria in Mexico City. Located in the swanky area of Polanco, Dulce Patria is perfection.

From the novel libations to the fusion of flavors in the dishes I experienced, Dulce Patria is Mexican cuisine at its best. Chef Ortiz Chapa blends indigenous and local flavors with meats and fishes to create a unique taste sensation. I had a garden salad with cactus flowers and a sea bass with local chills infused with other original flavors. For dessert, a signature flan that was bursting with special flavors.

The presentation at Dulce Patria is whimsical whether it is a prickly pear margarita to the desserts that come on swing make by local artisans. The service is as good as the food which creates a very welcoming experience.

I am always looking out for dining venues by local chefs when I travel to experience new tastes, cuisines and ambiences. I celebrated my Birthday at Dulce Patria which made the experience even more special!