Kathmandu is a city of bustling contrast. Millions of people moving, constant traffic and historic temples and sights.  

When one enters the doors of Dwarika’s House one is transfixed by the garden filled with fruit trees, shrines,  a stunning tiled pool and the outdoor dining spaces.  

A true oasis in this hectic metropolitan city of Kathmandu. The style is traditional with a desire to showcase Nepalese woodwork and architecture.  Keeping the heritage alive and  allowing local craftsman to carry on their tradition. 

Dwarika Das, the founder of the hotel saw that beautiful pieces of carved wood being used for fire wood and decided that this practice had to be stopped. He went on a mission to create a hotel with a garden in the middle surrounded by buildings that house the 82 rooms and suites. Scattered about the property are different restaurants that offer Nepalese and international cuisine.  

One feels relaxed once seated in the garden for a libation, lunch/dinner or afternoon tea. 

The rooms and suites are decorated with local art, wood work and artisanal craftsmanship. I was totally enamored by the service levels and how friendly everyone was towards me.  

Traveling for long hauls can be exhausting but when one enters a sanctuary like Dwarika’s, one can decompress, relax & reflect when away from home.