Even before the current health and economic pandemic I believed in supporting local business in my area.

I run a small business so I understand how important support is essential for their survival.  If we don’t offer our patronage then we have a bunch of chain dining venues run by multi nationals.

My area is slowly opening up with outside dining that adheres to social distancing. So I cautiously ventured out to support the East-West Coffee and Wine Cafe which has a fantastic outdoor space with ample room and tables, couches, umbrellas to cover one from the elements and plenty of foliage.

It’s like an oasis that serves fresh brewed coffee/teas, an assortment of sandwiches/salads, libations and desserts.

A great casual neighborhood ambiance to slowly venture out while remaining safe!  

I had their freshly brewed black ice tea and the house made baklava and lemon cake.

I met my girlfriend and we spent some time outdoors on their terrace just catching up.

Getting outside was good for my soul and I was glad to support a local business at the same time keeping my social distancing.