I am honored to have worked with Ed Kashi processing visas for many of his international assignments. Ed Kashi is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Society, an esteemed photojournalist, educator, filmmaker and co-creator of multimedia non-profit Taking Eye Media. He is a true visionary in my mind in the manner in which he tells a tale through his photography. His photographs convey the plight of people less fortunate globally that might not get their story heard if it was not through his lenses.

When I look at his photography I want to delve further into the subject matter and conceptualize how I can affect some change. While some of the photographs are startling this photojournalist allows one to experience the exact and extreme circumstances. We live in a world filled with turmoil and what Ed Kashi brings to the forefront for me is that I must care and be passionate about all those struggling to just have the basics I might take for granted.

Photo Credit: Ed Kashi