At times there are magical locations that just take your breath away. The restaurant El Farallon is just such a place. Build into the cliffs with sweeping views over the Pacific one is taken aback by the natural beauty. With the rugged waves hitting the large rocks in the ocean and the shoreline, one feels like one is on a movie set. The beauty cannot be explained but must be visited in person to realize the true vision of this restaurant.

One enters through a path past the rugged cliffs and enters El Farallon to be enraptured by the stunning ocean view. The ruggedness of the venue leaves one gasping!

You first enter a champagne bar where you can have champagne by the glass if you care too, then you are lead to a display of fresh fish where you order your entrée that comes with two sides that you select off a board. The dinner includes a soup, salads and dessert. All the items are fresh and delicately prepared.

Then you are seated where you can take full advantage of the amazing display of nature. Since you have ordered your food you don’t have to worry about any menus and can just enjoy the ambience.

I had the tuna with grilled asparagus and sautéed mushrooms with ginger. The Tuna was ocean to table fresh. The soup was a crab chowder that was light and tasty and the salads were an assortment of local tomatoes, fish and octopus. For dessert there were bite size chocolate, cheese cake and tres leeches.

The food was delicious, prepared and displayed beautifully. To top it off, the raw positioning of El Farallon off the cliff is rustic, natural and surreal. A treat for anyone who wants to experience being apart of nature at its finest!