I am obsessed with the Lebanese designer Elie Saab because he brings glamour and elegance back to fashion. He creates clothes that celebrate a woman’s femininity while empowering her at the same time! The craftsmanship is impeccable creating fashionable works of art.

He uses Lace, sequins, feather. Silk and velvet to create gowns, jumpsuits and dresses that are different than what is found in the mass market. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and intricate design are his hallmarks. His fall winter 2017/2018 collection is mesmerizing with the use of so many different fabrics, trims and embellishments. Each piece more unique than the other.

It was hard to purchase his designs in the US unless certain department stores carried a small selection of his designs but now at last the first US Exclusive Elie Saab boutique has opened in New York City at 660 Madison Avenue. Even if one can’t afford his fashions one can peruse the store and take in the artful creations.

Trained in the art of couture, Elie Saab signifies a tradition that has been passed on and what makes the fashion industry unique. With his designs, it is a celebration of what makes fashion stand the test of time. I adore looking at his creations and taking the artistry of this innovative designer.