As we age, hormonal and other changes make our facial skin react. There is no way around these dark spots, age spots and uneven skin tones. With age comes certain changes that we woman have to deal with!

I try to eat healthy, exercise and reduce stress as much as I can but aging is a fact of life. Through a friend I was introduced to the ELURE face lotion, a two part facial system that corrects dark spots, brightens, soothes & replenishes the facial skin.

Since using ELURE I sense that my dark spots are fading and my skin tone has improved. It makes me feel more confident about my facial appearance. I use the two part system at night and I do not find it irritating because I have sensitive skin.

Some products that brighten and treat age and dark spots are too harsh for my use. With ELURE I feel I can use the product comfortably and not feel worried about a breakout or redness.

As a marketing executive I want to put my best face forward and feel confident doing so. I think if I can take some preventive measures it is the best way for me to deal with aging. Aging is a fact of life but I feel I can age gracefully and elegantly with the right skin care products!