Emilio Pucci was born in 1914 to an aristocratic and noble family from Florence Italy. Pucci was a politician, air force pilot, Olympic skier and then a fashion designer and businessman. He was a true renaissance man that decided after WWII to start designing a line of clothing for woman from the family Palazzo in Florence.

He started designing dresses, tops and pants out of silk jersey with bold and colorful geometric prints. His first store was in the chic Island of Capri. The colors he used in his jersey prints were inspired by the Mediterranean and the local vistas he frequented.

“Pucci was driven by the desire to liberate woman, granting them unprecedented freedom of movement”.

The Emilio Pucci brand, which in my opinion is iconic even today, creates clothes that are comfortable for woman to wear with beautiful colors that inspire one in the summer months with a feeling of “la dolce vita”.

I adore Pucci because I can travel for business and carry a few dresses in a carry-on. Light, chic, comfortable and stylish is how I describe the new and coveted vintage Pucci pieces that have been handed down to me from my Mother and Aunts..

True style never goes out of style in my opinion. Emilio Pucci was truly a vanguard in his time because his creations allowed woman across the globe to be stylish without sacrificing comfort. Like Coco Chanel he understood that woman wanted to simplify their wardrobes.