Spring is in the air, Summer is around the corner and I love Emilio Pucci Totes because of the color, design and functionality. The canvas coated totes are versatile but creative. Fun but useful.

They are my go to for beach, pool, vacation and weekends in the Spring and Summer. I collect Pucci vintage and the latest items because each piece is different and bold in design. I am so tired of seeing the same items in every store I travel to globally. The Pucci items place a smile on my face and even if I am running errands at home I find my tote is different and it bring me a bit of joy!

With Pucci I feel I am getting a piece of history and a novel design. A sense of unique style with every piece that is like a work of art.

I feel Pucci is right for me because I crave the unique and the designs are either new or are brought back from the archives. The items are sturdy, and I have pieces that my Mother and Aunt gave me that were bought in the sixties. Even today these vintage pieces stand the test of time because they are so well made and different from what is out there in the marketplace. There are imitators but there is only one Pucci design!