Essaraya is located in the Medina in Tunis, offering great art, cuisine and decor. Essaraya is housed in a beautiful former home with stunning tile work, wood work and objects of art.  

I adore the fact that from the outside there is no sign or semblance that there is a restaurant beyond the doors Once you enter you are transfixed to another era. There is on occasion a
staff member that leads diner to the restaurant with a lantern.

The menu is varied with traditional and international dishes. We had the couscous with lamb, grilled fish and an assortment of appetizers to get a feel for the local cuisine.

The service and food is very good but for me, the actual location of the restaurant in the Medina is the star. I felt like I was in a movie entering Essaraya after walking through the maze of the Medina.  

Tunis far exceeded any of my expectations by being a beautiful waterfront town with traditional destinations like the Medina full of culture and history.