For those of us that are of a certain age, fly a great deal and are exposed to harsh international weather we know that we need to treat our under eye area with care. This fragile are of our face can show the signs of aging rapidly!

My dermatologist Dr. Tina Alster recommended I use the Ethocyn serum and it has changed the look of fine lines under my eyes. Ethocyn is supposed to increase your elastin fiber content and in my case I could see the difference in a month.

I have sensitive skin and cannot use harsh under eye creams and I have never had any issues with breakout, redness or any discomfort using Ethocyn. It comes in a small vial that is good for 24 months after opening. Small and easy to carry and it is my de riguer when it comes to under eye protection.

I started this lifestyle blog to share my finds with the global community so I hope this information assist you in your battle to fight aging gracefully.