I was introduced to the Eve Lom facial cleanser by dermatologist Dr. Noelle Sherber.

Traveling a great deal and being inside my office sitting under fluorescent lighting has wreaked havoc on my skin. The Eve Lom cleanser is made out of botanicals. One would think that placing oils on ones face would cause a break out but the exact opposite has occurred for me, fine tuning my skin and providing a balance it was missing.

A fine muslin cloth is provided that is used to take off the cleanser which leaves my facial skin clean but not stripped. I find Eve Lom to work for my age and needs. I am constantly experiencing different climates and my skin needs some loving care. Like many woman my age we run 24/7 and spend too little time on ourselves. Between, work, family and friends we barely have time to sleep. Causing my skin to feel the damage of not getting a full nights restful sleep.

I have decided take baby steps and spend a bit of time on myself at least cleansing my face properly and tending to my health needs!