Guest Blogger and Personal Trainer Daryl Pendleton shares the following advice:

While traveling on business we often focus on the business part of the trip and forget about the Health part, not realizing that our health is our business! Understanding that we are all busy a simple rules to follow is the 10% “sales rule” 10% of something beats 100 percent of nothing every day of the week! So my exercise advice to you is to get up and an hour early to at least get your cardiovascular exercise in.

Cardiovascular alone will keep you in condition, but if you find yourself having a little extra time then the following exercise routine will keep you “FIT”.

200 feet in the air crunches
200 feet on the floor crunches
200 bicycles crunches
Two sets of 50 bodyweight squats
2 sets of 15 or 25 push-ups
Two sets of 25 jumping jacks
One set of 50 shoulder circles large
One set of 50 shoulder circles small

Stretch for at least 15 minutes take a hot shower and enjoy the rest of the day knowing that you did more than 80% of the country and you did something for YOUR health and wellness lifestyle.