These have been trying times for travel with many countries closing their borders to contain the spread of corona virus. 

Travel Documents Systems is pleased to announce that effective September 28, 2020 we can expedite US Passport Renewals and 2nd Passports in 4-6 weeks. Regular processing is taking 10-12 weeks. 

TDS at this time can’t process new issues, passports for children under 16, replacement for lost AND stolen passports or mutilated passports. Once we can offer these services we will update our website. 

The US Passport Offices closed on March 20,2020 with a code four travel alert which meant that no international travel should take place because of the extreme severity of the health pandemic. 

The US passport agencies have reopened with a three stage process. This three stage has been implemented to safeguard the team members that issue the passports as US passports because of security reasons must be processed on site. 

The actual US Passport Agencies that have opened will only process passports on site for those that are departing in 72 hours or less with Life and Death Emergencies. Proof of this emergency must be shown 

We would like to thank the team members at the US Passport Agencies for their dedication and hard work. 

We at TDS couldn’t service our clients needs if it wasn’t for the issuance of the Passports at the US Passport Agencies. 

We hope that everyone remains safe and healthy while we slowly work to bring travel back!