My style Icon TOM FORD is always reinventing the wheel. As far as I am concerned he brought SEXY back to fashion and beauty but in a refined manner. When it comes to cosmetics the pigments that are used in his eye shadows are super lustrous and second to none. I rarely have time to reapply my shadow between meetings or events so his last. The small size allows me to slip them into my purse for travel

The Shadow Extreme collection are super pigmented shades that go on lightly but can be concentrated so one can adjust the shade and the extreme effect. These shades are metallic but not obtrusive, highly pigmented and long wearing.

The shadows convey a fantastic metal finish and I like to mix the shades in the same color palette together for my own custom look.

Small and easy to carry, each extreme shade is packaged with a built-in mirror for easy use in a reflective chrome case with the Tom Ford logo. The modern chrome case is sleek & chic.

Once again my style icon takes an item like an eyeshadow and creates a stunning item that is fantastic to use but beautiful to look at!