I am very proud of my family for the innovative, beautiful and comfortable shoes they design and sell in their stores in Monaco, Cannes and Nice in the South of France!

FABRI is a labor of love for my aunt Vida. She is one of the most stylish women I know but most importantly she has a heart of gold giving back to her local community! She has taken a business that sold kind of outdated shoes and has totally turned it around to attract a varied age group and demographic. Her success lays in the fact that she sells beautifully designed and made in Italy shoes for a competitive price.

She listens to what ladies want and creates shoes that meet their needs, making heels that are wearable with styles that are en trend for an affordable price.

I am very picky when it comes to shoes because they must be stylish and en trend but comfortable. I can’t bear wearing any shoes that hurt by feet because I travel a great deal and I am always on the go.

I covet my Fabri shoes because I can walk all day in them and receive so many compliments because the designs are unique. I am tired of paying a fortune for designer shoes. There is no reason why a pair of shoes should cost the same as a mortgage payment.

I am totally enamored with the handmade flat crystal sandals adorned with flowers, the blue mules with weathers, the poppy red leather summer flats, the hip sneakers and the flat short glove leather boots with gold studs for Fall/Winter.

Aunt Vida has been able to produce and design amazing shoes that are affordable and pack lots of style for the price! Kudos to my family for their great taste and understanding that women want to buy shoes that meet their needs and budget while being chic.