Maelove created by a team of friends to provide luxury quality science driven skincare at affordable prices. Skincare that works effectively to correct vital skin issues. I have been using Maelove products for the last two years after I decided during the pandemic that I was not going to purchase the much more expensive marketed skin care products any longer. I was tired of paying a fortune for my serums & creams.

I started with the glow maker which is a vitamin C serum that I use each morning then purchased the moonlight retinal super serum that I use at bedtime and I just purchased the fade away brightening serum for those irritating dark spots. Every product I have bought has delivered. I use these products religiously because they do nor irritate my sensitive skin and they are affordable, I am consistent in my use. I see the results and people comment that my skin looks bright, healthy, and radiant.

I am extremely excited to see the long-lasting results of their new brightening serum which I layer over the glow maker in the morning and under the moonlight retinol at night. For me consistency is key to great looking skin!