What a better way to establish a dialogue between countries and cultures than through art. At a recent Magic in Monaco art event that auctioned off and raised funds for emerging artists globally I met a lovely Iranian artist trained in Dubai named Farah Soltani.

I am no way an art expert nor collector but for me art is about what touches my soul. I was immediately drawn to Farah’s work which had a pop art feel with a very personalized message from her childhood. The series is called “My nostalgic taste of childhood”.

The painting of Farah’s that was auctioned consisted of yellow gum wrappers that reminded her about her childhood with a lady floating above them. Modern art is prevalent in Iran and the young artists like Farah have a magical way of bringing their message across. I adore her pop art sensibility mixed with images from her childhood like the gum wrappers. She illustrates her “nostalgic taste” with her modern sensibility.

Farah’s work shows that countries that we might feel in the WEST have limits, have a thriving art scene and full of culture new and old. I find that for me, embracing different cultures opens my mind and introduces me to all types of interesting people that want to learn about my culture as well.