The art work of Fariba Ameri an artist based in California is distinctive, filled with vibrant colors and a true personal journey. As an Iranian-American artist she sheds light on her background and life experiences. I was taken aback by her piece “in celebration of self”.
I asked Fariba what inspired the “celebration of self” and she stated the following:

“Inspired by my dream for a united world as I was striving upon our commonalities- as I was weaving the fragmented pieces on the canvas I contemplated the gardens in Iran (the peacock on the left and the hilly backgrounds). Her headdress and cape shaped dress reminded me of my Russian born grandmothers old pictures that caused me to travel in time. The pink elephant design on her dress was a symbol of India and the elusive concept of peace”.

Her pieces are bold, colorful but with a deep underlying message of different cultures, people discovering new paths and of understanding what brings peace from within.