In these difficult times I take self care as an important part of my survival. Spending a little bit of time on myself improves my mental state and makes me feel better. It allows me to step back away from all the negative news. 

In my self care journey Farmhouse Fresh products play a key role because they are natural and they work beautifully to make me feel better. 

I am a large believer in body oils and I adore their honey-magnolia body oil because it goes on smoothly, is not sticky and absorbs quickly into my body. 

The grape seed and olive fruit oils are hydrating and have powerful antioxidants.  

The body oil nourishes my skin and delivers a delicate glow. 

I either place the oil directly on my body or in the bath for a soothing soak. 

During this health crisis I don’t want to place any products on my body that have chemicals and tha are not natural. 

With Farnhouse Fresh I can be assure that I have complete natural and sustainable ingredients that will be beneficial for my body and soul!