When I find products that work, I feel compelled to immediately rave about them! My girlfriend Caroline introduced me to Farmhouse Fresh body products, and it was love at first sight.

These body products are natural, vegan, gluten free, organic and cruelty free! Due to the fact that these products are so natural they work quickly to sooth the skin and I can see the benefits rapidly.

The Muscadine Moonshine body polish contains Georgia Muscadine grapes, natural sea salt and Fitch’s goat moonshine.

When I first used the body polish, I was shocked at how quick I felt the results on my skin. I first tried the Muscadine Moonshine on my hands as a tester. When the sea salt and oils hit my hands, my hands became soft immediately after I washed the body polish off. Once I used the product on my body the transformation of my skin, especially around the very dry spots, was magical.

I am convinced that the rapid effects on my skin have to do with the natural ingredients that soak into my skin leaving it soft, subtle and smooth. I keep a jar of the body polish in my office and use it several times a week on my dry hands. The constant abuse of my hands whether it be typing on a keyboard, traveling or pulling around my luggage when traveling for business leaves my hands dehydrated.

The Muscadine Moonshine body polish brings a luster and smoothness back to my hands and body that I cherish.