This holiday season I am writing about my favorite stores globally; retail establishments that carry unique items that have an innovative décor and provide exceptional customer service. In this age of mass production I am always looking for the local flair and a great retail experience!

Five Story located on East 69th in a lovely townhouse feels more like visiting a friend than going shopping. The two and half floors are beautifully decorated to show off the clothes and accessories on display. The feel of the area is residential and not commercial giving one a chance to peacefully peruse and ponder.

A stunning selection of wearable clothes from Giambattista Vali’s flared pants and beaded sweaters to Laurence Decade’s comfortable boots and Ellie Saab’s stunning evening wear. I know the word curated has been overused but it does apply to this selection.

Claire Distendfeld who is the founder and owner is young by business standards but has an amazing eye for what she wants her clients to experience in reference to luxury retail. Kudos to her for fulfilling her retail dream.