I am often asked what my secret is to great skin at my age. Of course genetics, diet & exercise play a large role but a great dermatologist is a skin savior.

I was told at an early age by my Mother who has flawless skin to stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen on my face every single day, drink lots of water and limit my alcohol consumption as it causes dryness.

After a certain age I realized that I had to see a dermatologist to figure out a skin care regime that would work at home and on my travels where I am subjected to airline cabin pressure and all sorts of fluctuating temperatures overseas.

I was introduced to Dr. Tina Alster who has become my skin savior who is a pioneer in laser procedures, a clinical professor at Georgetown University and a sough after commenter on skin care. After a detailed skin examination for cancer and skin aging Dr. Alster selects face cream, eye cream, serum & a night cream that combat aging and provide that much desired glow. Her selection is based on ones needs whether it is a national brand or her own line of skin care.

Dr. Alster’s thorough knowledge makes one feel at ease and even though the initial visit can be a bit costly one is spending on one’s health. The cost compared to buying designer skin care brands at a department store is far less and one walks away knowing that a preeminent dermatologist has given one the look over. I was hesitant to share my secret but the purpose of my blog is to share the information that will assist others!