I adore Middleburg Virginia for being so close to Washington, DC but in reality so far away with its winding roads, quant main street, local inns, resort and restaurants. When I need a dose of tranquility, I get in my car and make the drive to be transported to this natural & soothing environment.

My family spent Christmas in Middleburg because we had all had hectic business schedules in 2015 and we just wanted to relax, unwind and spend some quality time together. The Virginia horse country provided the perfect venue.

Of course after numerous nature hikes and hose back riding sessions we ventured to the main street for some retail therapy. What I discovered was the stunning FOXFIRE antique and object d’art gallery. Owner Kathy Alexander has taken a large open space a transformed it into a gallery of beautifully curated objects. When you walk in the soothing scent of French rigaud candles and large floral arrangements puts one at ease.

I am not usually a collector of antiques but this store is striking with a massive skylight that draws in natural light onto the objects of art whether, they are paintings, furniture, crystal, candles, birdcages or luxurious pillows. All items are soothing in color and tone.
FOXFIRE is an inviting gallery for those that are looking for unique objects that do not overwhelm but complement ones décor. I love the fact that it is locally owned and that Kathy Alexander, a native of New Orleans, brings her design sensibility and taste to Middleburg.