As a marketing executive I need to project a professional image even if I am not in the mood. It has become an attitude for me to look polished! It is part of of the job requirement.

I always like my nails to look clean, polished and put together.  On a recent trip to East Hampton my sister found fresh coat, an Eco friendly nail salon with a stark modern vibe. You don’t really think about a nail salon in a beach community because you are relaxing and not worried about your look but it worked perfectly for me as I had to return to New York for meetings before heading back to Washington DC.

The locally female owned salon has its own cruelty free & vegan line of fantastically hued nail polish, doesn’t use wash basins to soak the feet but uses collagen infused gloves & socks and uses disposable & recyclable nail tools.

The Fresh Coat has reinvented the tired nail salon industry by giving it modernity, making it more health oriented and creating a story line around each nail polish color!  

I adore the innovative approach to nail care. Kudos to the creators for thinking outside the box!