On a beautiful Spring Day, I drove with my family to Napa Valley for a fantastic day of wine tasting. The air was crisp and chilly but when the sun hit my shoulders it was perfect.

Driving to Rutherford I became entranced by the beautiful natural landscapes. After weeks of rain the hills were green, the flowers blooming and the air clean. Our first stop was Frog’s Leap winery started by the Williams family.

A stunning vineyard with natural gardens, a working farm and pristine scenery to inspire one’s soul. We entered the main reception area with an inviting roaring fireplace and peaceful areas to sit and reflect. Next to the reception area there were items for sale like house made plum jams, dried garden seasoning and wines. We sat on the porch overlooking the grounds for our wine tasting our table laid out with different red and white wines. There was a side dish of nuts, olives, and bread with olive oil. A separate bag of house made potato chips with house grown seasoning was delicious.

The reds were full bodied and the whites refreshing. My favorite was the rose as perfectly balanced and just made me day dream of lingering behind at this stunning winery.