I love to explore and truly get a sense of the local culture when I travel. It allows me to get in tune with locals and plunge into the local scene. We live in a world that has become so homogenized that I personally long to find different venues when I travel that place me in a different state of mind.

On a recent cultural trip to Bogota Colombia I was fortunate to go to the Gaira Café which is owned by the famous Colombian singer Calos Vives and his brother who is the executive chef.

Gaira Café is dining with exhilarating live world music, the selection changes every night and it allowed me to immerse myself in the Colombian culture. The food is great with a fusion taste that covers many different parts of Latin America with a touch of the Middle East.
The night I attended there was a live DJ and it was fantastic to dance and move after and during dinner. Travel truly enhances my soul and the Gaira Cafe in Bogota with its funky music, ambience and food truly feed my soul.