What I love about traveling is exploring and finding special places. On my most recent trip to Rome I came across the innovative store GENTE; each floor is separated with rooms housing bags, shoes, sneakers and clothes. It is like a maze, discovering new items as you go through each floor.

The selection is different and original with accessories that are sourced to be innovative. GENTE has several locations in  Rome and a great shoe selection from all over the globe specializing in Italian brands and unique hard to find designs.

I am obsessed with the wall of shoes and the sneaker room. Sneakers from all different countries and designers. It shows us how important sneakers have become in our wardrobe.

The clothing is cutting age with classic pieces, different than what you see everywhere else. It takes a good eye to make such an edit.  

I just wish I had more time to roam through the different floors and discover more unique finds. There is always next time!